​Software & Drivers

USB Drivers


Windows 10

The current USB driver for Windows 10 can be found here: Win10_Driver


Linux (Kernel 4.14 and higher) supports the VODEXL without any additional driver installation.

In case of issues, please have a look at ​Getting Started.

NB|METER (Android App)

The NB|Meter app controls NB-IoT devices (e.g. Vodafone USB Connect LPWA) with an Android smartphone in order to enable E2E connectivity tests with mobile networks.

The App is available in the Google Play Store.

Supported IoT devices:

  • Vodafone USB Connect LPWA

  • Vodafone NB-IoT Development Kit

  • NB|USB211, 

  • NB|USB280 

  • NB|USB410